Arab Spring, Ayatollahs and Bad Decisions

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Cairo Protests

With the new flare up of violence and protests in the streets of Cairo, questions are beginning to mount for me anyway and I don’t think that I am alone in having questions for the president.  The first and foremost being, “What did you hope to accomplish by pressuring Mubarak to step down?”  This is a question of mine that speaks to a troubling series of events that is beginning to take shape in the Middle East.  Some have referred to it as the “Arab Spring” but I refer to it as a radical Islamic takeover.  These countries that are falling to this supposed “Arab Spring” are all religiously moderate countries.

Egypt for example, while the majority of citizens are Islamic, it is not an Islamic Republic.  However, it has been a country that has publicly struggled with its extremists in the past fifty years.  Anwar Sadat was the third president of Egypt and a Nobel Peace Prize winner.  Unfortunately for President Sadat, the action that earned him his Peace Prize also earned him an assassination.  After unprecedented peace accords with Israel, Anwar Sadat was assassinated by radical officers of Egypt’s military.  More recently the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak earlier this year is now slowly being recognized as Islamic revolution.  Although some are still refusing to see it, Iran’s famed Ayatollahs are not.  Ayatollah Mohammad-Taghi Mesbah-Yazdi was quoted by the New York Times earlier this year saying,  “Today, as a result of the gifts of the Islamic revolution in Iran, freedom-loving Islamic peoples such as the peoples of Tunisia, Egypt and nearby Arab countries are standing up to their oppressive governments.”

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

If the Ayatollahs can see this for what it is, is it not dangerous that we choose not to?  Mubarak was a violent and despotic ruler but truth be told he was friendly with the United States.  So now we are in a position where we ousted the guy who liked us and there is a good chance they are installing the guy who does not.  Which leads me to my next question for President Obama.  “Shouldn’t we be concerned with our own well-being first?”  I understand that this sounds, oh dare I say it, selfish but we need to be looking out for America’s interests.  It is not in America’s best interest for radical Muslim groups like the fabled Muslim Brotherhood to have a chance at power.  This chance mind you, grows more likely every day with the spread of more violence and unrest.  Egypt is the owner of something most people take for granted, the Suez Canal.  This canal is man-made and is a major water way for trade.  It connects Europe and Asia without having to go around Africa.  Can you imagine if Egypt decided to revoke its use at the behest of their new Islamic friends, namely Iran?

The Suez Canal is only one of many factors that Egypt is pivotal in.  Can you imagine all the other countries involved in this region wide Islamic revolution?  Another big problem arising from President Obama’s lack of judgment in this matter is Israel.  Israel borders Egypt and under Mubarak held a tentative peace.  Now imagine that Egypt became an Islamic Republic much like Iran.  In fact tensions have already started to grow along the border of these nations.  This leads me to my third and final question of President Obama. “What is the message that we are sending to our allies in the Middle East?”  Believe it or not Hosni Mubarak was our ally, as was Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.  Then on a whim an in direct opposition to the precedent set by many presidents before him, Obama switches teams.  What makes it worse, he doesn’t even know who is on this other team nor will we for possibly months or years to come.  This move to try to nation build by proxy in the Middle East has no doubt created the chaos that Radical Islam needs to breed.  Now what is left of the sovereign Middle East is now more suspicious of us then they are trusting.

At the end of the day all of this uncertainty was caused for what? Removing a despotic leader from power? But if so, who was he a danger too?  We already established that he was friendly with America.  He was a danger to his own people as was Gaddafi.  This being the case why not let their own people handle their independence.  After all we threw off the chains of tyranny not long ago ourselves.  The point I am making here is we did it ourselves.  If radical Islam decides to take hold in these largely secularly run countries then it is going to happen, but why Mr. President are we going to help them do it?


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