How the Democrats Stole Christmas

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

“Every Who down in Whoville liked Christmas a lot, But the Grinch who lived just North of Whoville did not” Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

This classic tale of Christmas theft is well loved by children and adults around the world.  Who knew that today it would ring true in life.

Now the story reads, Every American down in Americaville liked jobs a lot but the Democrats who lived in Washington, D.C. did not.

This tale is far from classic but not far from truth.  A series of policies from the current administration and congress have ruined jobs and successfully pulled off a heist of Christmas that even the Grinch could be proud of.

The Democrats and various Liberals from around America have stolen the world’s favorite holiday from children everywhere by putting their parents out of work.

Various legislation and policies like Obamacare, repealing of tax cuts and the mismanagement of federal dollars like the stimulus has ground American prosperity to a sudden halt.

The American people have noticed but unfortunately for Christmas we have noticed too little too late.  The national average of unemployment in this country is at almost nine percent according to Google statistics with the highest state unemployment up over thirteen percent in Nevada. Isn’t that Harry Reid’s home state?  I guess his heart is two sizes too small as well.

A recent report from the House Ways and Means Committee reveals that American’s are not holding their breath for a solution anytime soon.

Of those polled sixty-five percent believe that the general economic landscape has negatively effect their ability to do business.  In the next six months seventy-seven percent of employers plan to maintain current staff levels compared with the seven percent that plan to hire.

What we can make of this is that the largest complaint from small business is they can’t hire due to the uncertainty in the economic arena.

President Obama championed his healthcare plan as the savior of the United States.  Unfortunately since it’s creation the economy has plummeted.  The month before Obamacare was signed into law there was talk of a “recovery summer”.  According to the Heritage Foundation the months before Obamacare was signed, the private sector created 67,000 jobs a month.  The very next month after Obamacare was passed it fell to 6,500. Most small business owners cite Obamacare as the number one cause of uncertainty and reluctance to hire.

The “Bush-Era” tax cuts have been a hot topic debate and with the prospect of them not returning or only returning for a limited time, businesses and the evil one percent are faced with having to lose more capital without laying off employees.

Because of this, those in the middle class who do have jobs are in constant fear of more layoffs or down sizing.  This keeps them from buying the Christmas presents that they want to for their kids.

On top of the tax cuts being eliminated, the president has seen fit to be extra giving this year and wait until after the election to “decide” on the Keystone Pipeline. Wait, let me clarify, he is being giving to the Chinese.  If he ignores this pipeline, the Chinese will get a whole new supply of oil from Canada with a big American bow on it.

The Keystone Pipeline would in fact create many jobs.  Recently John Boehner, the House Majority Leader, echoed this statement in a quote. “The Keystone energy project would create tens of thousands of American jobs.” The problem is Obama is stuck between two of his greatest bases, unions and environmentalists, because of the president’s second-term aspirations there are still no jobs for those Americans in Americaville.

Last but not least is the infamous stimulus.  The president put unprecedented money into the “economy” in order to save America.  Instead for Christmas he saddled us with a ton of debt.  The most beautiful thing about the stimulus is that we spent a ton of money and got nothing in return.  As a matter of fact the greatest job creation that it fostered was in the clean energy sector.  According to the Department of Energy, they have spent almost thirty-six billion dollars to create 64,776 jobs.  That means that we spent a little more than $554,000 dollars per job created in the green jobs sector.

Truth be told this is but a snippet of the horrific financial management that is happening under Liberal control.  So for the time being I guess all we can do is hope that the Democrat’s hearts grow three sizes some day soon. So they will bring back Christmas and every family will get to carve their own Roast Beast.


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