Playing the Fence: Obama’s Failed Iran Policy

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Amid all of the other foreign policy issues President Obama is facing there is one in particular that I believe is quickly falling into blunder territory. I cannot for the life of me understand why Obama stands by and allows Iran to actively pursue nuclear armament. He believes that he is camouflaging his inaction on this issue by using terms like “diplomacy” and “sanctions”. What he is really saying is, “I don’t want to act against Iran in an election year.” You see this is a major problem for me. I have a problem with the President of the United States of America putting us all at risk to prove a political point. The President has this problem, and it has truly plagued him in politics since the beginning, he can’t make decisions. Alas, that however is truly a topic for another day. For now lets get right to the point. Iran is a dangerous rogue country with plans for world destruction and to deal with them as if they are anything else is suicidal.

In 1925 Adolf Hitler published Mien Kampf. Within its pages was a chilling road map to what would become the extermination of six million Jews. Everyone ignored him and referred to him as an extremist. His work was dismissed and not thought of again until people began to be carted off to places like Dachau and Majdanek, by then it was too late. Fast forward to today. Iran has been cultivating a nuclear program and there is fair intelligence that suggests that they are close to being able to use this nuclear material for offensive weapons. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of Iran, has had a long history of threatening the Jews as well. Since being placed in power by the infamous Ayatollahs he has told the world in no uncertain terms what he plans for Israel. In one of his more telling statements the Iranian President is quoted as saying, “A new Middle East will prevail without the existence of Israel. “ Could this be a mistake we really want to make twice in the same century?

Another issue with playing the fence with Iran is that from a tactical standpoint we don’t want to deal with the Iranian militarily after they possess a nuclear weapon. Why would we put the entire region at risk in this way when we could simply deal with the problem now? This is a very dangerous game of poker that the Obama is playing, and it is against people who don’t blink. To understand the situation, we must understand our foe. Ahmadinejad is a Shia Muslim as is most of Iran and Iraq. What is unique to Shias is that that believe that the Twelfth Imam has been shielded and has been alive for over a thousand years. Ahmadinejad belongs to a secretive group known as the Hojjatieh Society. This society is made up of a sect of Shias that believe they can hasten the Twelfth Imam’s return by causing world chaos and destruction. In short Ahmadinejad, with the support of the Ayatollahs, is on a quest from Allah to acquire a nuke and potentially destabilize the world starting with the destruction of Israel.

Israel is not alone in aggressive threats from Iran. Just today Iranian military officials threatened to shoot 150,000 missiles at Israel as well as Turkey if their nuclear reactors are attacked. The biggest failures in the Obama policy in regards to Iran actually happened in the early days of Obama’s presidency. When he agreed to sit down to talks with Iran and imposed no preconditions for these talks we conceded and showed the Iranians the weakness they needed to see in order to move forward. Now three years later we have learned that they have been building their nukes the entire time. Obama’s continual position of weakness and a lack of a heavy hand have emboldened Iran. Now it is seemingly left up to those in the region to protect their sovereignty and their people and this has set up for what could be an apocalyptic showdown. If you can bet on one thing it is that Israel will not permit Iran to attain nuclear weapons. The question also remains, if Iran is able to attain a nuclear weapon, who is next to get one? Is it not reasonable to assume that other large countries in the region will begin nuclear programs to protect themselves? Saudi Arabia is my prediction to be the first. Are we prepared to tell our allies that they cannot have a nuke after we have allowed our enemies to attain one?

At the end of the day, the size of it looks like this. I was speaking with my father on this issue just the other night and he phrased it very well. He said, “The genie is out of the bottle.” This is a great example and symbolism. We cannot stop anyone from wanting nuclear arms at this point because so many people have them, however we must find a balance between allowing the world to run amuck with nuclear states and verging on hypocrisy by telling countries like Saudi Arabia that they can’t have the means to protect themselves. One thing is for sure though; Obama has failed the United States as well as our allies in the Middle East with his endless appeasement and inability to make a decision.


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