The Mitt Romney Show (Or So We Are Told)

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Mitt Romney stole the evening with a resounding victory. With the polls just short of fully reporting, he is leading with almost forty percent of the votes in New Hampshire.

Just behind him was Ron Paul with would be called a strong showing. Paul carried roughly twenty-three percent of the votes in New Hampshire. This is a little suspect though as it has been speculated that many of his votes probably came from liberal voters. The question is would he get those same votes in a general election? The answer is probably not.

Jon Huntsman did well but in my opinion not well enough to continue. With seventeen percent of the vote he pulled out third place fairly safely. However, it must be said that Huntsman forwent campaigning in Iowa in order to establish a base in New Hampshire. Clearly this didn’t pan out and unless Huntsman get a surprise surge in South Carolina his prospects look very dim.

It bears to mention that, in my humble opinion, Huntsman is going to fail due to his lack of position. What I mean by this is Santorum and Gingrich have found their niche as the anti-Romney candidates and Romney is the moderate New England Republican. Where is Jon Huntsman? He is like the Romney candidate, except for the fact that there already is one, Romney.

At this hour Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich are locked in a dead heat for fourth place. Both are sitting at nine percent of the vote with Gingrich edging it out, at this moment by around two hundred votes. With ninety-four percent it is very close. Either way I don’t think either candidate is going to lose any steam going into the much more friendly state of South Carolina.

Rick Perry is becoming almost tragic. He will most definitely be leaving the race if he has anything less than a victory in South Carolina. Perry is searching for air and has laid all of his chips on South Carolina where he is far from the leader. I think Perry is another candidate who is guilty of having no real message just like Huntsman. With very dismal showings in Iowa and now New Hampshire he is heading for the wall.

With all the candidates heading to South Carolina we are going to see the real political knives come out. Gingrich is pumping more than three million dollars into South Carolina and every bit of it aimed at Romney. Rick Perry has also showed some teeth as well calling Romney a “Vulture Capitalist”. It is fair to mention that one of the companies that Romney’s firm cannibalized is located in Gaffney, S.C. and it resulted in a number of lost jobs.

The problem is this is a disturbing trend that I am beginning to see in the field of candidates. The smear campaigns are beginning to get entirely too personal. Pat Buchanan put it like this in his latest column, “The GOP field of candidates suddenly seems headed to a finale that will call to mind the last scene of Hamlet, the dead and dying everywhere, but no Fortinbras to restore order in the house.”

My fear is that there is no big winner to all of this. The nominee, who at the moment looks like it could be Romney, will be so battered will he be a winner. The party could be so polarized and divided by the time the bloodletting is over will they have any voting block?

I personally believe that there are enough people that will vote for anyone over Obama to at least have a showing. However the nominee must have the whole right as well. I think anyone who thinks this is going to be a landslide election is sadly mistaken. Barring any major national crisis Obama will still have a fairly decent base. Even with as bad as everything is in the country President Obama is still in the forties in respect to his approval ratings.

The long and short is the seeds of class warfare within the party are being sewn and if we do not stop this then we have done the Left’s work for them. I fear that to resort to these liberal tactics within our own party is to admit defeat already.

I am sure we will all be looking to South Carolina to see if maybe we can get a clearer picture on who is going to proceed. In the mean time, we are all going to be treated to a political slaughter where no one is safe.

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