Home Runs and Strike Outs: South Carolina Debate

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The atmosphere was electric in Myrtle Beach for the GOP debate.  The crowd was very vocal and you can tell that South Carolina is ready to be heard.  The debate was surprising due to those who stepped up to the plate.

To continue on with the baseball analogies some hit it out of the park and some flat struck out.  Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry all hit big home runs in the debate while Mitt Romney grounded out and Ron Paul struck out as usual.

It can’t be said enough that Newt Gingrich was the standout winner though.  Newt Gingrich took on Juan Williams on some unbelievable race baiting, we will get to that later, and he really seemed to be on fire.

Gingrich also took on Ron Paul and really exposed him as the nut he is.  Gingrich took on Ron Paul on Osama bin Laden and American military presence abroad.

Ron Paul asserted that somehow we shouldn’t have killed Osama bin Laden but captured him.  He used the capture of Saddam Hussein as an example of what we could have done as if the situations were in anyway the same.

Gingrich’s crowning moment tonight was when he referenced Andrew Jackson and how he proposed to deal with the enemies of America, which was kill them.

Gingrich wasn’t alone in the strong war statements tonight.  Romney attempted to jump on the bandwagon by stating that Osama bin Laden got what he deserved, a bullet in the head.  Romney has been talking a very big game with the military lately and it will be interesting to see if this holds true through the end of the primaries.

Romney seemed off of his game tonight.  He made good points when he needed to but on the whole he seemed a little bit flat.  Romney had a particularly heated debate with Rick Santorum on voting rights for convicted felons.

Santorum asked Romney how he felt about the topic and Romney replied that he didn’t approve of it personally.  Unfortunately for Mitt, he walked right into an expertly set trap by Santorum.

Santorum then questioned why Romney signed a bill into law that allowed just that in his state of Massachusetts.  Romney somewhat recovered but you could tell it was a disorienting shot from Santorum at the very least.

The problems only got worse for Romney when Gingrich questioned his ability to lead since he was “powerless” to stop the false ads his supporters were running.  Romney really didn’t seem as immune to these attacks as he has been in the past.  While not a big deal in the grand picture it does appear to be the first cracks we have seen in Romney camp.

Rick Perry did a commendable job tonight as well.  Although he is still struggling with a lack of face time in the debates, he still had some very memorable moments and really shown through the adversity.

However, I think ultimately he will be out after South Carolina unless he has a major turn of fortune on voting day.

Unfortunately for the candidates Juan Williams and his liberal race baiting tactics ambushed them.  For a solid segment Juan Williams battered candidates with obviously stacked racially biased questions and at one time or another accusing each of them of racism on some level.

This is shocking coming from a guy who was fired for making racist statements.  As much as the accusations against Juan Williams (that cost him his job) were ridiculous, you would think that he would be the first person to try and put an end to the politically correct sentiments that are dividing America.

Hopefully Juan will be talked to and we won’t have to worry about this level of irresponsible journalism from him again.  This really kind of tainted that entire section of the debate and it felt much more like it was on CNN.

All in all most of the candidates did well and given the level of excitement in the audience voting day will be something to see.  Ron Paul was the biggest failure of the night which was evident by the level of boos he received from the crowd.  The question is will it translate to loss of support for him in South Carolina?

If the debate was any indicator it will be Romney, Gingrich and Santorum divvying up the votes on primary day.

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