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The news before the debate was almost as good as the debate itself.  Today Perry was out and Gingrich submitted his taxes and spent the afternoon bracing for a tell-all interview by his ex-wife.

The debate started with sparks and ended much the same way.  Gingrich was immediately asked about the interview as the first order of business and he fired back at debate moderator John King.  Unfortunately for Mr. King he was the victim of Gingrich saving face.  Gingrich took no prisoners as he personally attacked John King.

The rest of the candidates echoed America’s sentiments by basically saying, “Can we please move on to something important?”  As much as it appears to be an attack by the mainstream media on Gingrich it does deserve to be discussed.  The question remains, is Newt Gingrich the kind of moral leader we want in the White House especially if he at one time tried to enter into an open marriage?



The atmosphere was electric in Myrtle Beach for the GOP debate.  The crowd was very vocal and you can tell that South Carolina is ready to be heard.  The debate was surprising due to those who stepped up to the plate.

To continue on with the baseball analogies some hit it out of the park and some flat struck out.  Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry all hit big home runs in the debate while Mitt Romney grounded out and Ron Paul struck out as usual.

It can’t be said enough that Newt Gingrich was the standout winner though.  Newt Gingrich took on Juan Williams on some unbelievable race baiting, we will get to that later, and he really seemed to be on fire.

Gingrich also took on Ron Paul and really exposed him as the nut he is.  Gingrich took on Ron Paul on Osama bin Laden and American military presence abroad.


In the last few days’ news has broken along with a videotape of four United States Marines urinating on some dead insurgents in Afghanistan. It is a little shocking to see just how quickly the American people are to throw our own to the wolves.

People tend to act as though this is the worst thing that has ever been done by our military. Going back as far as World War Two there is evidence of routine executions of prisoners as well as torture and mutilation of dead bodies. There are even reports of American servicemen prying teeth from dead Japanese soldiers in order to harvest their gold and silver cavity fillings.

In Vietnam there was a highly decorated Special Forces unit known simply as Tiger Force. Their job was to take the fight to the heart of the enemy and instill fear within them. They did this by scalping and removing dead enemies ears and wearing them like jewelry,

None of this is excusable behavior in polite society but ladies and gentlemen, where we are sending our Marines is not civilized. Never in the history of the United States have we sent our troop to a civilized place to wage war. (more…)

Mitt Romney stole the evening with a resounding victory. With the polls just short of fully reporting, he is leading with almost forty percent of the votes in New Hampshire.

Just behind him was Ron Paul with would be called a strong showing. Paul carried roughly twenty-three percent of the votes in New Hampshire. This is a little suspect though as it has been speculated that many of his votes probably came from liberal voters. The question is would he get those same votes in a general election? The answer is probably not.

Jon Huntsman did well but in my opinion not well enough to continue. With seventeen percent of the vote he pulled out third place fairly safely. However, it must be said that Huntsman forwent campaigning in Iowa in order to establish a base in New Hampshire. Clearly this didn’t pan out and unless Huntsman get a surprise surge in South Carolina his prospects look very dim. (more…)

Socialism: Kids Love It

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Many of you may be familiar with a new movement sweeping our nation, and, if you are less than thirty-two, they claim to be speaking for you.  Just like Paul Revere warned the earliest Americans that the British were indeed coming, I am warning you today that change is coming, and at the expense of everything we stand for.

This new movement known as Generation WE is a movement that blatantly spreads full-scale communist ideals via a largely youthful and diverse mouthpiece.  They claim to be momentously (and in my opinion dangerously) non-partisan and are looking for “real change” (I guess they didn’t get it in ’08).

The group categorizes themselves as being strongly progressive several times throughout it’s duration.  What astounds me most is the fact that that eight to ten year olds have allegedly come to embrace such worldly progressivism all by themselves.  I thought that most children were more interested in cartoons and candy than in learning of progressive ideas and politics.  I guess times have changed.


The Heir Apparent

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Not much is known about the heir apparent.  On December 19th, North Korean state news agencies reported that Kim Jong Il had died.  This event has catapulted Kim Jong Un into the seat of power and into the role of “dear leader”.

So what do we really know about Kim Jong Un?  According to the Washington Post, he loves Michael Jordan.  Other than that?  Not much.  Most people assume he was born in 1983 or 1984, however, his mere existence was a moderately guarded secret until 2009 when he was named as the eventual successor to his father.  As a child, he was educated in the west at a private school in Switzerland under an assumed name.  No one, except for possibly a few officials, knew of his true identity.  And while it was reported that he studied and received his college degree from Kim Il-Sung Military University in 2007, he was largely kept out of the public eye until his designation as the next “dear leader” of North Korea.  Jong Un was given the military rank of general but, until the Worker’s Party anniversary celebration in 2010, only one picture was known to have existed of Kim Jong-Un in the West; it was from when he was eleven years old. (more…)

Dude It’s Free Money, Right?

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Student loans are an important aid for those attending college, and many students depend on them in order to attain higher education. Because of this, a startling trend has emerged.

In September 2011, the Department of Education released a statement expressing the default rates for student loans for fiscal year 2009:

“The U.S. Department of Education today released the official FY 2009 national student loan cohort default rate, which has risen to 8.8 percent, up from 7.0 percent in fiscal year 2008. The cohort default rates increased for all sectors: from 6.0 percent to 7.2 percent for public institutions, from 4.0 percent to 4.6 percent for private institutions, and from 11.6 percent to 15 percent at for-profit schools.”

Federal education assistance programs are abused at all levels, but the most notably at the institutional level, where students are allowed (granted, by federal authority) to borrow far more money than needed for tuition.  As a result, many students claim refunds in excess of six thousand dollars off of a refund check.  Considering the national graduation rate is stagnant despite climbing enrollment rates, the debt continues to increase among those who choose not to graduate.  (more…)